Back to the Future Blu-Ray DVD release


If you know me at this point in time you’ll know that Back to the Future holds a special place in my heart. One of the greatest trilogies of all time, in my opinion and the reason why I even wanted to get into film.

Anyway, Universal is putting the trilogy out on Blu-Ray DVD and I don’t know if I want it.

I mean, why not, great visual quality and sound. I’m not knocking it at all don’t get me wrong, it would be nice, but I already own the trilogy from it 2002 release. There are two movies that I’ve owned three times (VHS, DVD, Blu-Ray), those being Terminator 2: Judgement Day and Total Recall. Both of which found their way into my library simply because they were cheap at Walmart. I have issues buying them multiple times. I know the jump from VHS to DVD was essential, I’m not complaining about that. You won’t find a VCR in my house that is hooked up to any TV. And I know Blu-Ray is better quality, but I don’t want to keep buying the same movie over and over again.

Then comes the question, “What do I do with the old copies?”

When it comes to VHS copies, I kept all of my old ones. I’d never get rid of my Back to the Future VHS tapes. I have an emotional attachment to them as I do my Terminator 2 tape (which I woke up in the middle of the night Christmas Eve into Day while I was in 6th grade and opened the package up quietly, whispered “YES!” and then quietly repackaged it and placed it under the tree for the next morning) but what about the extra copies? I don’t know…

And besides, how many “NEW” special features can you have on a 25 year old movie trilogy? How many times are you going to interview the same people again and ask them the same questions?

But, it is crazy that the series is 25 years old.


Back to the Future

Trilogy Blu-ray Trailer
August 24, 2010

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Great Scott, this is getting heavy!

At this point you are all aware that the Back to the Future Trilogy is getting a deserving Blu-ray release on October 26th.

Universal Studios has just released a new trailer for one of the greatest trilogies of all time in all times.

If this trailer is any indication it looks like the Blu-ray transfer is going to be of the highest quality. It even teases you with an early peek at some of the new special features.

When you watch the video below, be prepared to see some serious sh*t:

Anyone of you Schmoes have a time travelling DeLorean handy? I need to borrow it for just a quick trip to October so I can pick this bad boy up … I don’t know if I can stand the waiting any longer!

Oh, and just a friendly reminder, the BTTF Trilogy Blu-ray set is up for pre-order over at Amazon for just $50 (37% off the retail price!).



Just in case the trailer doesn’t come through and/or work, here it is:

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