“Mission: Impossible IV” not called “Mission” or “Impossible”?


The title to the post should have looked like this: Mission: Impossible IV? but it just didn’t work.

Anyway, this one has my head scratching. I know we are in the era of movie titles that do not have numbers, like “Live Free or Die Hard” or “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen” or the upcoming Saw: 3D (yes, there is a number in there but it is referring to the type of movie it is going to be as opposed to Saw VII, which is the actual number). Along those lines, there were rumors that Spider-Man 4, before they dropped Tobey Maguire and Sam Rami and are now restarting the franchise with younger people (which I am totally against–but who am I?) there were rumors that the title was going to be Spid4r-Man or something like that. Along the same lines is the new Scream 4 movie coming out next April with the title Scre4m.

Anyway, word comes from joblo.com that the next Mission: Impossible movie (Mission: Impossible IV) might not even have the words Mission or Impossible in the title. This I don’t understand. Any thoughts anyone?

From joblo.com:

Mission: Impossible 4 isn’t Mission: Impossible 4?

by: Mike Sampson Aug. 27, 2010

Just yesterday, we told you Jeremy Renner would star alongside Tom Cruise in MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE 4. Today we’re getting word that Renner and Cruise won’t be starring in a MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE 4 after all. Wait, wha? Stay with me here…

There were talks early on in the development of MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE 4 that the film would introduce a younger agent so when Cruise left the franchise, they could reboot with a new version of Ethan Hunt. It turns out that reboot might be coming sooner than we expected. As it turns out, MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE 4 won’t be called MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE 4 at all. In fact it won’t even have the words “mission” or “impossible” in the title. Paramount is currently evaluating new titles that would serve to relaunch the series, not unlike how WB made a Batman movie titled THE DARK KNIGHT.

While the previous three MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE films all dealt with Ethan Hunt and a team of agents, NOT M:I4 will instead deal with only two agents: Hunt and Renner’s as-yet-unnamed character. The two will have equal screentime in this film and for future installments of the franchise, Renner would play the lead while Cruise plays a supporting, mentor-style role. While this isn’t a reboot in the true sense of the word, Paramount certainly is trying to liven things up and sources familiar with the script say it has a “fresh perspective” on the series.

So if you’re making a MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE 4 that won’t be called MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE, what do you call it? How about MISSION: UNPOSSIBLE?

Source: Variety

Extra Tidbit: Filming on NOT M:I4 is set to begin this fall for a December, 2011 release.


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