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I finished reading the Orson Scott Card sci-fi classic novel “Ender’s Game” (which isn’t new–the novel was published in 1985 and was based on his short story published in 1977–but I still plan on writing a mini review when I get a chance) and I decided to rush out to Barnes & Noble to pick up the follow up book, “Speaker for the Dead” (which according to my research there really isn’t a direct follow up to Ender’s Game, Card has written so many novels in the universe of Ender that you can read anything right after Ender’s Game and be fine. He only recommended reading “Xenocide” and “Children of the Mind” back to back because they deal with the same story and characters. But I decided to read it as Card had them published. But, like always, I digress). On my way over to Barnes & Noble I was thinking about what to have for dinner. Melissa is out at a wedding shower and I was supposed to be somewhere else, but plans changed when our handyman (Willie) was here a little late working in our kitchen, so I thought, what’s close to the B&N over here? Pizza Hut.

Now, I’m not even going say that Pizza Hut is good pizza or hell, even should be called pizza. At this point in my life, eating anything called Pizza Hut is for pure nostalgia. What I mean by that is that every time I take a bite out of a product called Pizza Hut it takes me back to the late 80’s/early 90’s. It takes me back to when Pizza Hut was the only “Alternative” pizza. When Pizza Hut was better than Dominos. Better then Little Caesars. I think there was another one, but I can’t remember…(Papa John’s wasn’t around back then). It takes me back to when I had birthday parties at Pizza Hut. When I remember Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were advertised there. When I used to read books and get a free pizza for the Book-It program. I saw both Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle arcade games in a Pizza Hut. And even though I’ve heard people bashing Pizza Hut and saying that Dominos has really stepped things up, I still somehow feel like I should stay loyal to Pizza Hut, even though I’d go with real pizza from a Pizzeria before I’d actually buy Pizza Hut (unless, of course, I just have a craving for it).

So, I make it to the Pizza Hut, and Pizza Huts in North Jersey are few and far between. Mostly left to being inside of Targets and a Pizza Hut express. But somehow, there are two Pizza Huts within ten miles of where we live currently. One right next to a Barnes & Noble. I decided to go in and get something small (the personal pizza and a small order of bread sticks). To my shock, there were a lot of cars in the parking lot. I walk in and, it wasn’t completely packed (I can remember dragging my parents to Pizza Hut when I was younger and it being packed. Not an extra place to sit anywhere!) but there were people in there and at least 9-10 workers, busily filling orders and things.

I order my food and go to B&N to look for my book (which they didn’t have, but another one had it down the road) and I go back to Pizza Hut and its packed!

I’m not knocking anyone’s choice of foods, but aside from my utter curiosity for the Pizza Hut: Italian Bistro, which I’ve seen in South Jersey, but I’d never just walk in to try it; but seriously. If it wasn’t because we had pizza and Caesar Salads  last night and cheese burgers for lunch, I would have never considered going to Pizza Hut. But these people obviously go there a lot. I just don’t get it. In a world where the best pizzas can come from local pizzerias, why are people wasting their time with these poor excuses for Pizza? That I don’t get. But to each their own.

Unfortunately, money banks on people having bad taste…right?

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