WWE to Unify All of it Championships?


I just saw this on wrestlezone.com and I hope its totally a joke. I don’t agree with this at all. I don’t think its an issue with the Tag Team Championship or with the just announced Women’s/Diva’s Championship unification; both because there just aren’t enough roster members to fill both of those divisions. But the main event and upper mid card have plenty of people and would have no problems filling out the those two divisions.

Been there. Done that.

Honestly, they’ve tried this before back in 2001/2002/2003 and they immediately went back to multiple PPVs. Maybe they should start putting together a couple of their singles guys and keep them as tag teams. Maybe they should not “future endeavor” their hardest working Divas. I mean, the IC/United States championship could be fought after by multiple amounts of people but it isn’t because they only cater to the PPV audience that isn’t there anymore. Instead of trying to use the IC/US championships as the spring board that it should be to the next level it gets tossed on someone and forgotten for months on end. Go back and look at the history of the US championship and see how many of those reigns you actually remember. And I’m not talking about the ones prior to the WWE version of the belt, I mean from WWE on. Go check it out!  The same goes for the IC championship.

Shelton Benjamin held the US championship for 240 days, that's over half a year!

I also feel like moving the IC and Women’s belts from Raw to Smackdown has greatly diminished their credibility. Whereas the WWE and the World Championship could interchange back and forth, as they have, I feel like both the IC and Women’s were known to Raw, now that they are exiled to Smackdown, they have been forgotten. That’s simply my opinion. I guess that’s mostly because I really only watch Raw and allow my knowledge of Smackdown to come from reading spoilers on wrestling dirt sheets or podcasts.

I have always felt that the Diva’s Championship has been completely unnecessary but also led to the viewers being deprived of the Cruiser Weight Division. Granted the CW division wasn’t really shinning to begin with, but at least it gave all the smaller, thinner guys something to battle over. I also always felt that the CW championship would have found a home on the ECW on Sci-Fi/SyFy show simply because they could have made the show the show where the Cruiser Weights could have done whatever. Instead of making three cookie cutter shows they could have allowed ECW to be something special. And I for one miss the show. But, as always, I digress. Getting back to the Diva’s Championship, I always felt like it cheapened the Women’s belt, especially once it moved into virtual obscurity on Smackdown.

But, seeing how WWE has been dumping its Divas recently (Maria, Mickie James, Serena) I can see why they would want to unify the belts and have the Champion bounce back and forth, as I would see why they would want to do the same to the Tag Championship. But I cannot for the life of me see why they would want to do that with the IC/US and the World/WWE championships.

https://i0.wp.com/www.wwe-raw-divas.com/www-divas/wwe-divas-mickeyjames09.jpg?resize=261%2C320Couldn’t decide on which former Diva, so I posted Mickie…
...and Maria

Also, I was thinking about it today, with Night of Champions coming up in a few weeks, I actually counted how many championships the WWE has. I mean it isn’t that hard: WWE, World, Intercontinental, United States, WWE Tag Team, and Women’s/Divas (unification). That’s only six. That’s not bad. But I’m telling you, the IC championship better not be Kofi Kingston vs Dolph Ziggler for the 28th straight time in a row. WWE barely set up Summerslam, and regardless of whether it was a decent show; I’m sure seeing that Night of Champions is not one of the “Big Four” I doubt people will buy it on name alone. WWE should be packing these PPV’s with a lot more storylines and not simply hoping people will buy them on the main event scene. Seriously, who really gives a crap about Undertaker vs Kane for the World Championship? Not to knock either person, but we’ve seen this before…and I’m pretty sure its going to be dragged all the way to Hell in a Cell (has there ever been a Taker/Kane Hell in a Cell? I don’t think so).


As for this year’s Night of Champions, I feel that they could also put the Million Dollar Belt of for grabs, even if it is just to get Ted DiBiasi onto a PPV.


If they do unify all of the belts, what will they do at next years Night of Champions? How many belts will they have? WWE, Tag, IC, Women’s? That’s four belts…no one would purchase a PPV with only four belts…unless they toss in the Cruiser Weight Championship (and actually put it on a real champion and not on Hornswoggle) and have that thing bounce back and forth between the shows. But then that brings up this question: what do the champions do when they already have a fued on one show and MUST appear on the other show?

Ohh! My complete and utter apologies on this one, I'll try and make it up to you later

How many of us remember when they first started with the Undisputed Championship back in 2002 and Undertaker had just won it from Hulk Hogan. Taker was feuding with someone (my research shows that at King of the Ring 2002, Undertaker defeated Triple H, so I can see him feuding with Triple H) while on Smackdown he was in a mini feud with Tommy Dreamer. Are we going to get stuck watching that type of stuff if this happens?  I’m just saying.

I hope this is a hot rumor, just like the new WWE logo thing and that it proves to be untrue. I mean, if Vince really is all about the money then, shouldn’t there be more belts? Then he could make more off of the replicas that they sell as well as all of the single branded house show (unless, like recently, they’ve been either canceling them or making them WWE Super Shows…hmmm). I just hope WWE thinks long and hard before they do this.

And as promised:

Former WWE Diva: Torrie Wilson. Told you I'd make it up to you.

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    unfortunately, they are not as “bold” and sexy as they once were. gone are the days of the thongs, along with anything remotely resembling a bra and panties match…sigh, I miss those days.

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