Mathew Houston Cosme


I can’t believe that it has been four years since the original fur ball has passed on. I still think about him, especially when it comes to Peanut and Cassie running around my parent’s house. Peanut met Mathew (Uncle Mathew) and tortured the poor cat, but we always felt that Peanut gave Mathew the last great year of his 21 year life.

Every year since his passing I’ve been trying to do a theme to celebrate his life. I’ve also always wanted to post pictures of him as a kitten, these are rarely seen and the truth is these are probably the only pictures of him as a kitten. Today, with digital cameras allowing for such quick and cheap access to pics, I can take hundreds of pics a month and not even blink about it (for example, I currently have six pictures of Cassie in my cell phone from just this morning).

I hope you enjoy these pictures:

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