Robert Zemeckis returning to live action movies?


Honestly, thank God…I consider him one of those brilliant directors that was always on the cutting edge of technology. It was Zemeckis and James Cameron that were head-to-head with special effects. These are two great directors that know how to use special effects to tell a story, not hide its faults. I mean, both Zemeckis and Cameron have both won Academy Awards (Zemeckis for Forest Gump and Cameron for Titanic). Cameron may have taken a decade off to help perfect some special effects to give us Avatar, which I can only say was probably what Zemeckis had been toying with to achieve with The Polar Express, Beowulf and A Christmas Carol. I have not seen any of Zemeckis’ attempts at photo realistic CG movies, and I have no interest.

I am happy that he may be heading towards live action again, I’ve been a huge fan of his since back in the Back to the Future trilogy days. I also really enjoy Who Framed Roger Rabbit and I really liked Cast Away. I think the film going world has greatly missed Robert Zemeckis. I just hope this is the right project for him.


Robert Zemeckis to return to the world of live-action films?

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Strike Back below!

by: Niki Stephens Sep. 29, 2010

The last time Robert Zemeckis did anything with humans was CAST AWAY in the year 2000.

Now it looks like the man of many trades will be going back to the live-action world with a project called TIMELESS. It’s actually another time traveling effort that was pitched for Warner Bros. Unlike BACK TO THE FUTURE, this new project is not written by him. The guy who penned this screenplay

is Mike Thompson. Unfortunately Thompson wrote LOVE HAPPENS, so don’t get too excited there. On this film Zemeckis will direct and produce.

Also, Deadline threw in the fact that Zemeckis apparently has toyed with the idea of directing the new SUPERMAN. It’s odd that they mentioned that as such a minor note. I’ve always really liked Zemeckis in the director’s chair. He’s made some really amazing movies. I don’t know, maybe people want a “fresh face” for SUPERMAN or perhaps he’s just not that interested in directing it.

Right now, Zemeckis has a couple of projects that he’s working on. One is the Rock em’, Sock em’ robot film with Hugh Jackman titled REEL STEEL. The other is the mo-cap version of YELLOW SUBMARINE.

I don’t know about you, but it will be nice to see Zemeckis come back to the world of the fleshies.

Source: Deadline





Extra Tidbit: CAST AWAY is amazing. Just saying.

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