3 Year (Wedding) Anniversary!!!


I went with a picture that I absolutely love from our wedding and then went back to see what I had used last year and realized that I had used them previously. Not only that, but the other two that I would have used as a back up, I used too! So, I fished around some pics and I came across this limousine picture from our ride to either where we had our pictures taken by the lake or to the reception. But I don’t know if I had ever realized it in the past, but while there is all the commotion around the limo, I notice in this picture that Melissa and I can not take our eyes off of each other. Huge smiles on our faces, the limo is full of chatter and talking, but we are completely in love with each other.


A lot has happened since this amazing day three years ago, and through all the commotion and various miscellaneous things that get thrown our way, we always find each other and we still have moments like this. Through all the chaos of life, we still have each other.

Love you babe.

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