If Cassie were a Dinosaur…


A few months back, Melissa and I were joking about if Cassie were a dinosaur, what dinosaur would she be and we decided that she would be a Spinosaurus. Primarily made famous by Jurassic Park III but so rare that even Word doesn’t recognize the name of this dinosaur and wants to correct it to any other dinosaur name but Spinosaurus.


This thing was so huge that it could, by itself, cause an extinction on the island. That concept was never fully delved into in the film, but was one of the earlier concepts of the film. In fact, one of the early titles for the film was Jurassic Park: Extinction. They choose the cheesy “III” symbol and thus, we have not seen another sequel since…

Anyway, Cassie is a Spinosarus and I can prove it just by showing you the above pic and the below pic:


Clearly, this may not be enough for you, but imagine if you were the size of a rabbit and saw this:


There is a clear resemblance here…no doubt about it.

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