Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II trailers and thoughts


Saw this yesterday while watching the first few minutes of last week’s WWE Smackdown and at the first commercial they had the first commercial below:

I rewound the DVR a few times to watch this amazing commercial for Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II. I remember a few years ago hearing about the first Force Unleashed game, but didn’t have any desire to play it. This game looks amazing on so many levels. I’ll have to read some reviews for it, but I think I might like to play it.

Check out the two trailers below, the first one is a long trailer that pretty much gives the premise for the game, the second one looks to continue more of it:

Honestly, if LucasArts can do this for a game, they should be able to make a movie and/or TV show exactly like this. This is the bad ass version of Star Wars that was missing for the better part of the prequel trilogy. I also like the fact that they have named the protagonist Starkiller because, if you didn’t know it but that was the original last name for the Skywalker family. Perfect homage to that. I would love to find out if this is actual canon to the series (like how Shadows of the Empire is the closest to canon as possible ).

File:Force UNleashed 2.jpg

With Star Wars: The Clone Wars and the Star Wars live-action TV Series, why don’t they do something like this? There are fans that would watch this! I would watch this! Let’s make this happen.

Oh…and add this to the Christmas List 2010.

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