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This came up today on the Big Love facebook page. I still find it odd that HBO would say that the show was canceled as opposed to that the show is simply ending…I think there may be more to this then we think.

Simply from a respect standpoint, why would the words “canceled” ever even come from any executive about a show that is simply ending. When Lost ended, it wasn’t canceled, it ended. When Seinfeld ended, the show wasn’t canceled, it had a series finale. but Big Love is canceled and the story is ending? I’m not buying it peopel. This one is from

More From the Creators of Big Love

by Big Love on Friday, October 29, 2010 at 2:05pm

“When we created BIG LOVE in 2002, we had a strong conception of the journey the Henrickson family would make over the course of the series, of the story we had to tell,” said Mark V. Olsen and Will Scheffer.  “While we were in the writers’ room this year shaping our fifth season, we discovered that we were approaching the culmination of that story.

“BIG LOVE has been our all-consuming labor of love for the past eight years.  We are very grateful for HBO’s continuing support and for the collaborative effort of our partners at Playtone, our producers, our fine cast and our fellow craftsmen and crew for making this show the exceptional and joyful experience that it’s been.  This coming January, we look forward to presenting our audience with the most vibrant and satisfying final season of a television series that we can produce.”

Mark V. Olsen and Will Scheffer have a continuing relationship with HBO, and their next project for the network will be announced when it is confirmed.

The fifth and final season of Big Love arrives January 16, 2011. How will you commemorate the Henrickson family journey?

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