Crowes Provoke A Cat Fight (Literally) from Barstool Sports


Saw this yesterday, thought it looked pretty crazy, this one is for those people who don’t think that animals have thought process or can scheme or anything other than act on instinct. There is a little more thought process to animals, proof is below, from Barstool Sports:


Crowes Provoke A Cat Fight (Literally)

How about these Don King crowes huh?   Just provoking the shit out of these cats.    Like I wouldn’t be surprised if these cats were best fucking friends before this started.   But those crowes whisper in their ear that they can make a quick buck and boom they’re throwing down like it ain’t no thing.   Kind of like bum fights in that regard.  Hey crowes ain’t stupid.  They know a cat has no integrity.  They’ll turn on their owner or best buddy for a nickel and this video just proves it.



Kind of reminds me of the Snake vs Rabbit post I put up back in 2007 (that was so long ago…) check it out.

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