Sequels planned for Miramax films


In typical Hollywood style, sequels and or follow-ups are the norm over at Miramax, who is partnering up with former heads from The Weinstein Company. While sequels can be bad, there is a good chance that under the proper direction many, if not all, of these films could potentially be good. But, somehow I’m not that optimistic.


Miramax/TWC Plan Lots Of Sequels

By Garth Franklin Thursday December 16th 2010 11:00AM

Miramax/TWC Plan Lots Of Sequels

Next year’s “Scream 4” and “Spy Kids 4” is just the start it would seem as Miramax and The Weinstein Company are teaming to produce sequels and/or TV adaptations of various properties in the Miramax library reports Variety.

Sequels to “Bad Santa,” “Rounders” and “Shakespeare in Love” are on the initial slate under the agreement, while we could see further entries in the “Scary Movie”, Bridget Jones and Amityville franchises along with follow-ups/spin-offs of “From Dusk Till Dawn”,” “Copland,” “Clerks,” “Shall We Dance” and “Copland”.

Miramax will handle digital distribution on some, while TWC will develop new material for Blu-ray special editions.

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