Why when I think of Christmas Eve I think of Ducktails


Rather an odd thing to title a post,  I know, but this week I bought Mario Kart Wii along with writing about Home Alone and started thinking about back in the day.


Growing up, Disney’s Ducktails was a great show, who was better than Uncle Scrooge? No one! He had the money, the brain, and the bravery to do anything he wanted to.  And he did! Ducktails will probably be one of my all time favorite cartoons (yet another Top 5 List I should do). Back when VHS tapes were all the rage, Disney would put out a selected set of two episodes on a video for purchase, sometimes they weren’t the greatest of episodes, but at least they did put some of them out there back in the day.

Videos weren’t the cheapest things either, they were probably more expensive then DVDs, most likely because unlike DVDs which can simply be burned onto a DVD which can be done quickly and efficiently. Tapes had to record the entire length of the show or movie. If you show was 25 minutes long, that’s how long the video would take to record, if your movie was 3 hours long…chances are the movie would be split into two tapes, but that is an hour and a half where the tape player would be recording. It was a long tedious process, one that I’m sure many companies are happy to be out of doing and onto DVD and BluRays which take a fraction of the time.

But I digress, Ducktails and Christmas Eve go hand in hand for me. I remember being a bratty only child and one Christmas Eve I asked to rent a video from the store and it was a Ducktails video. I can’t for the life of me remember which one was which. That was so long ago. But I remember watching it on Christmas Eve. Did I need it? No. But it gave me some great memories.

I believe seeing Ducktails on Christmas Eve repeated at least one more time (if not two), but this was way back in the late 80’s, it had to have been. But those are great memories. I still have VHS Duktails episodes, although I don’t have a VHS player. I do know that they have Ducktails on DVD. Maybe one day, when I have kids, I’ll play an episode or two for them on Christmas Eve…for the good ole times…

Merry Christmas everyone!


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