Netflix review: Predators


Let me first say that I think this movie was pretty good, but like many of the great action sci-fi movies that have tried to make sequels or spin offs within the last fifteen to twenty years, it has the hurdle of having a great first movie. Predator was a great movie that stands the test of time because of its sci-fi action elements along with great writing and simple visuals made the first movie the strongest in the series. Predator 2 on the other hand became a typical early 90’s sequel and it was a major let down, but it did expand the franchise past what we had seen in Predator and introduced the other major extraterrestrial into the same universe, the Alien.

I don’t even consider the Alien vs Predator movies as part of the series, simply because they are garbage, and I challenge anyone to tell me why either of the AvP movie are any good!

Predators was originally written during the mid-90’s as a sequel to the Predator franchise, by Robert Rodriguez (who in my opinion is the perfect person to spearhead a re-start of the franchise), and I personally think that they should have made a sequel back then, but I guess the disappointing gross of Predator 2 forced 20th Century Fox to drop the idea. I knew Rodriguez would write and produce this movie to greatness, and it had a lot of really great surprises, including the music from the original movie. But I will say the new, smaller, Predators; the genetically altered ones, were not the same as MY Predator from the original movie. That Predator would never have gotten killed as easily as the smaller ones in this movie. But I can forgive all of that by saying I liked this movie, but I really liked the first one. I didn’t love it. Which would explain why I don’t currently own it (but that may change), but I did highly appreciate the movie. I really liked all the homages to the first movie. I saw this the same way it was asked of by 20th Century Fox as a sequel that was a remake. Good job, but it’ll only be a three out of five star movie for me.

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