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Funny, as soon as I hit publish  for the previous post, I went and typed in “Lois Lane” into Google and there is news of a shortlist for the character, dated today, February 1, 2011. Interesting.

I’m not all set on any of the rumored names. I don’t think they would fit the bill…no, not even Jessica Biel. I think the character needs someone a little less known, like how Henry Cavill is Superman, it needs someone that won’t distract the audience. It needs someone that can be believable as the character.


‘Superman’ shortlist for Lois Lane includes Kristen Stewart and Jessica Biel

  • February 1st, 2011 12:36 pm ET

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The casting for Lois Lane in Zack Snyder’s ‘Superman: Man of Steel’ is currently underway. Digital Spy reports that ‘Twilight’ star, Kristen Stewart and ‘Glee’ star, Dianna Agron are in contention for the role.

A source told Digital Spy, however, that it’s unlikely that Stewart would accept the role as she has “too many other juicy offers.

What’s Playing is reporting that also in contention for the role are Jessica Biel, (The A-Team) Rachel McAdams, (Sherlock Holmes) and Malin Akerman, who played Silk Specter II in Snyder’s last super hero film, ‘Watchmen.’

Anne Hathaway was reportedly being scouted for the role, but has been removed from the shortlist of actresses as she’s playing Selina Kyle in Christopher Nolan’s ‘The Dark Knight Rises.’

There’s no word on when the casting of Lois Lane will be complete. With the newly announced Henry Cavill in the lead, ‘Superman: Man of Steel’ is scheduled to hit theatres in December, 2012.

Source: Digital Spy
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I will say, my first choice probably would have been Anne Hathaway, but now that she’s Selina Kyle, that slims things down. If I had to choose between the current crop above…I would NOT choose Kristen Stewart at all, she annoys the crap out of me. And please, I don’t want anyone telling me that she can act…Melissa has seen the three Twighlight movies and if there is one thing Kristen Stewart can’t do is act. Jessica Biel is too pop culture-ish and I don’t think she’d play a good journalist who is infatuated with Superman. I also don’t know who the hell Diana Agron is, but I posted a picture of her up top. As for Rachel McAdams and Malin Akerman, I don’t think Malin has the look for the part, but I can see McAdams doing it justice.

Might I add another name to the list, she isn’t an unknown, but she hasn’t been in too many movies. How about Evangeline Lilly, from Lost?

Thoughts anybody?

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