Will Catwoman be in Dark Knight Rises?


I don’t remember if I mentioned it here on the blog, but I know amongst my friends I’ve stated that they’ve been very quiet about if Catwoman would be in the Dark Knight Rises (again, can someone please change the name of this movie?) and that Selina Kyle would be in it, played by Anne Hathaway.


I have a feeling, that due to the way the current Batman film franchise is going, that the are trying to keep this as real world as they can possibly keep it and perhaps they won’t have a true Catwoman, but if they are having costume fittings, maybe, like how Scarcrow had a mask in Batman Begins, they’ll keep the costume like something you see occasional, if at all. The bottom line is that the Selina Kyle of the comic book was a cat burglar which is essentially why they called her the Catwoman (I mean that a because she dressed like a cat…I mean, its the freaking Batman/DC universe. Same reason why The Riddler’s name is Edward Nygma (E. Nygma or dare I say, if you’ve never seen Batman Forever, Mr. E. Nygma–his name is a freaking riddle!) and Mr. Freeze’s real name was Dr. Fries, pronounced the same way…) . I can see them doing something really cool with her character.

I do have issues with Selina Kyle and Bane as the only villains, I know I’ve heard rumblings about Dr. Hugo Strange being the villain, but again, none of them scream good movie. I was hoping for a bigger name like Penguin or Riddler.

Anyway, here is the article, from Dark Horizons:

Some Brief “Dark Knight Rises” Updates

By Garth Franklin Tuesday February 1st 2011 03:09AM

Some Brief "Dark Knight Rises" Updates

Christopher Nolan appeared at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival and confirmed the status of “The Dark Knight Rises”.

“We’ve worked on it a long time – David Goyer and myself. We’re about 12 weeks away from shooting. We start in May” Nolan told a packed crowd. He added that the main draw of doing this third film was about “finishing the story.”

The press release announcing Anne Hathaway’s involvement in the film the other week called her role Selina Kyle only, no mention of Catwoman. Nolan didn’t confirm whether we’ll see Catwoman in the film, however cinematographer Wally Pfister confirmed to Bleeding Cool that Hathaway has done a full costume test.

“Yeah.. She’s phenomenal. This is something she wanted and wanted to show Chris, ‘I’m the one for this job’ and she did an incredible job…and she looked phenomenal in the wardrobe [hint, hint]. It’s going to be amazing with her.”

Pushed however to explain if that costume test was for Catwoman rather Kyle, he said “I’ll get fired and I won’t even get to shoot the picture! … I can’t really [say], but I definitely want to be around next year.”

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