“Super 8” Teaser and Super Bowl Spot


First of all, I’m a fan of J. J. Abrams. I mean, for me, my first experience of his as a director was Mission: Impossible III (the best of the series thus far) and then he followed that up with Star Trek which was amazing. Melissa and I also watch Fringe, which is a great series and we recently watch Lost (the entire series) which was also a great series. So, I see nothing bad coming from Abrams. He did produce Cloverfield and I enjoyed Cloverfield, I wouldn’t buy it, but if I saw it on TV I’d definitely watch it again.

I honestly didn’t know that Super 8 had a teaser that came out a while ago. And I have to say it reminds me of old school Spielberg, who is producing this movie (is it just me or has Spielberg been aligning himself with some of the best directors currently?) like something he would have had his hand in back in the 80’s. Like Gremlins or Poltergeist or Goonies. I mean, it’s not a hundred percent like that, but it remind me of those type of films.

Here is the teaser:

Looks good, but it is just that a teaser and doesn’t give us too much. I do like the Super Bowl spot, shows a little more of what this is going to be:

I’m excited just to see this, I hope it is as good as these teasers are. What do you think?

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