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I started following him on the first day when there were only a few thousand people now it seems as if the “King of All Media” is being followed by (as of this posting on Feb. 9th, 2011) close to 200,000 followers; from regular everyday people to other celebrities. He has even boasted in the past two days that it is the fastest anyone has ever been followed in the history of Twitter, which I for one can agree to, there is a huge chance there he has awaken a group of people that would have normally stayed away from Twitter but now see it as a good venue to have themselves heard.

I have to say I’m happy he’s finally on Twitter, it took a little too long to get him on there, but he continues to re-establish the King of ALL media moniker every year. I like that he’s visually learning how to use Twitter and that he was “Verified” so fast. Good stuff.

Thanks Howard, great show and great tweets, they keep us entertained even after the show is off the air.

Click the pic below to follow Howard on Twitter:

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