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Unlike this article I didn’t think that Terminator: Salvation was that offensive, I mean it wasn’t as spectacular as it could have been, and I blame that on the fact that no one currently running this franchise ever wants to give in and pull the trigger on giving us the future war against the machines that we’ve been promised since the first one. Nothing in this movie remotely looked like the opening scene in T2 and dammit that came out back in 1991.

I think they are afraid of blowing their wad way too early and not having anything left for another sequel. Let me say this, by not giving us enough on the sequels (T3 and TS) you are slowly loosing your audience. I mean, I didn’t even see Salvation in the theater. And when the television show that was so horrendously canceled two years ago is a thousand times better and will probably be more remembered than the stupid movie we have a problem.

Here is the article, but I am going to have a few words afterward, this one is from JoBlo:

Universal looking to make another Terminator sequel? Will Arnold return?

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Strike Back below!

by: Mike Sampson Feb. 16, 2011

Just a few weeks ago Arnold Scwarzenegger tweeted that he was officially accepting offers to star in movies again. Could Universal be prepping a new TERMINATOR movie with the hopes that Schwarzenegger may return to

the once proud franchise?

TERMINATOR: SALVATION was supposed to be the film that relaunched the TERMINATOR franchise. Warner Bros. spent a good chunk of money to get a big name star in Christian Bale and an up-and-coming actor in Sam Worthington to bring audiences a new trilogy in the saga. The only thing they didn’t see coming was that the movie mostly sucked and audiences didn’t really care.

The rights to the TERMINATOR franchise were auctioned off last year and acquired by a group called Pacificor for almost $30 million. Sony Pictures had been interested in continuing the sequels but walked away after the property went bankrupt. Now Universal is circling the world of the Terminator who is looking to develop a big tentpole directing project for Justin Lin, who just wrapped FAST FIVE for the studio. The idea would be to pair Lin with writer Chris Morgan (WANTED, the upcoming 47 RONIN) for a new sequel.

But would Arnold return? Right now there’s nothing but speculation as the project isn’t enough of a reality to warrant an offer from Universal (at this point they’re only circling acquiring the rights to make a TERMINATOR film) but it’s very likely that if they do decide to make a TERMINATOR movie they’d at least explore the interest of the former governor.

All this said, do we need a new TERMINATOR movie? The last two movies were D.O.A. and it’s very possible the ship has sailed on this franchise. What do you think? Would you be interested in another sequel or reboot?

OK, I get the reason why you would want Arnold back, but I don’t think not having him was the issue with Salvation and I don’t know if anyone wants to see an aged Terminator walking around. I hate to say it, Arnold didn’t look so good in T3 and I don’t really think we needed to see (SPOILER ALERT) a CG T-800 in Salvation. In fact, it really reminded me of The Mummy Returns where they had a CG Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson-esque Scorpion King. In fact, I felt that they made the T-800 look rather weak by being beaten in under two minutes. A task that has taken all the characters in the previous three movies an entire feature length film to accomplish.

Also, I do not, under any circumstance, want to see a reboot of this movie. I feel as if some things should be left alone, I think that there is definitely room for a sequel if the right person is in charge of doing it and I think some things need to be kept sacred. If in twenty years some ballsy person wants to remake this, then by all means, go ahead. I’m so done with Hollywood pumping out remakes and reboots, what the hell is the differnce at this point in time. Hollywood, grow some balls and put something out that is original. What are the people in fifty years going to want to remake? Another remake?


Maybe I’ll watch Terminator: Salvation tonight and work on a Retro Review on that, I don’t think I ever wrote one…upon further search, I did not write about it, so I may consider doing that.

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