Trish Stratus joins WWE’s Tough Enough


I have to say that the WWE is stacking the deck up with the return of Tough Enough. Not only did they get Stone Cold Steve Austin to host the show, but they also got a returning Booker T (considered by the announcers to be a WWE Legend, which is huge for him only returning less then a month ago) and now the greatest WWE Diva of all time, Trish Stratus.

Booker T announced last night at Elimination Chamber that Trish was going to be joining him as a trainer for the new Tough Enough Show. I for one am happy that the WWE is bringing in so many heavy hitters. They aren’t going to simply rely on an “Al Snow” level person (although, I was extremely happy and fond of Al Snow’s work during the three actual seasons of Tough Enough–I don’t count its return to Smackdown a few years ago as an actual season) or “Tazz” level or even a “Hardcore Holly” level person. They want this to be huge! And I for one am happy that they are actually pulling out all the stops for this one.

Like The Rock, Trish hasn’t really been seen too many times in WWE. She’s made I think at least two appearances since her September 2006 retirement, which I posted about here: Trish retires with a bang! So the fact that she has returned is a breath of fresh air. Even Booker is fresh in a sea of mediocre characters. No current Diva can compare to Trish and if she were to come back to wrestle on the main roster, she would be welcomed with open arms by the entire fanbase…oh sorry, WWE Universe. That’s just my opinion.

So, we have Booker T and Trish Stratus as trainers…who will be the head trainer. My gut says someone like Shawn Michaels is the only one that could do it (with someone like William Regal in the background to do the “Chavo” level training). Both Shawn Michaels and Booker T (along with Regal) have all had or worked training facilities.

With this news, I for one am inching closer and closer to being excited for not only Wrestlemania but also for Tough Enough.

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