John Cena raps on Raw and it’s 2011!


I’m not known for being a John Cena fan at all. I can’t stand the bland 1-dimensional character that he has become since dropping his, much preferred, rapper gimmick. I mean, I know that in the grand scheme of things you need to evolve and move on, but that usually means you segue into a better and stronger character. Unfortunately, that was not the case for John Cena…and by “Unfortunately, that was not the case” I mean for us. Seeing that the kiddies love John Cena and he’s the young generation’s Hulk Hogan then he doesn’t really need too much of a gimmick. He comes out, destroys the bad guys and wins. So, they had to drop the rapper gimmick.

Well, after being verbally bitch slapped last week by The Rock (see:  The Rock Returns to host Wrestlemania 27! and  The Mother Brain Files: Pie Vs. Fruity Pebbles) it was inevitable that Cena would definitely have something to say. I figured it would be his usual cookie cutter cheesy comebacks that we’ve been forced to hear for the last few years; but on what is considered an extremely crappy and rather uneventful Raw (not even the stare down of returning Undertaker and Triple H (who will most likely battle it out at Wrestlemania in a crappy match that no one is asking for! Where is the established veteran vs rising star matches that we’ve been longing for Vince?) could save this Raw) this was by far the most entertaining aspect of it and clearly yet another thing that should get the creative staff members in the back moving on making more compelling storylines rather than the garbage they’ve been spewing at us for the better part of the last three to four years.

Below is the video, go to about 4:20 to start the part with Cena beginning to rap:

Oh and please tell me if you agree of disagree! And why! I just want to hear some opinions on this.

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