Jeopardy Fail!


Seeing that everyone’s eyes were on Jeopardy about a week back, here is something that I’m sure many of you will enjoy:

from The Huffington Post:

‘Jeopardy!’ FAIL: What Is Pussy Furry? (VIDEO)

First Posted: 02/24/11 04:34 PM Updated: 02/24/11 04:34 PM

Jeopardy Pussy Furry

Watson may have embarrassed last week’s “Jeopardy!” contestants with his competitive trivia skills, but even his game-ending flub wasn’t as ridiculous as this major “FAIL” made by one of this week’s human contestants.

The answer was “Cats & Dogs: The Revenge Of ____ _____,” and the correct response, “Kitty Galore.” But that’s not what one contestant came up with at the last minute. We don’t know what “Pussy Furry” is, but we are definitely glad it isn’t a children’s movie. (Via BWE)

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