Jessica Biel for ‘Total Recall’?


In a slight change of what I have been doing recently, I posted the entire article below from Dark Horizons. I actually hadn’t read much of what the new Total Recall remake was about and in seeing that there is something called Euromerica and New Shanghai I was just left scratching my head.

I will say I knew the Jessica Biel was interested or at least rumored to want a role in Recall remake, but I would have expected her to have been a much better wife to Quaid then that of Melina. But what do I know?

From Dark Horizons:

Jessica Biel Up For A “Total Recall” Role

  • By Garth Franklin Saturday April 9th 2011 01:18PM

Jessica Biel Up For A "Total Recall" Role
The other week came word of potential casting for the two key female roles in the upcoming Len Wiseman-directed remake of “Total Recall” at Sony Pictures. Now, Variety reports that one of those possibilities has come true with Jessica Biel having landed one of the roles.


As previously reported, the plan is to stick closer to Philip K. Dick’s short story “We Can Remember It for You Wholesale” than the previous film did. Set on a futuristic Earth, Colin Farrell plays factory worker Douglas Quaid who begins to think he’s a spy, but he doesn’t know whether it’s for Euromerica or New Shanghai – one of the two superpower countries in this world.

Biel was said to be reading for the part of Melina, a love interest role said to be substantially different from that of Rachel Ticotin’s character in the original. However it’s unsure if that’s the role she’s locked.

The other part is Quaid’s wife, a role that proved Sharon Stone’s breakout role in the 1990 original. Kate Bosworth and Diane Kruger were reportedly vying for that part. Bryan Cranston has already been confirmed as Euromerica leader Vilos Cohaagen who plots to invade New Shanghai.

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