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Cos had this great article, entitled: Living on the Edge: The Career of Adam Copeland, that I thought was an amazing piece of work on his career. It still rather shocking that he has had to retire so abruptly, and the way everyone in the wrestling community (internet and non-internet) are reacting it’s almost as if he had died. It’s scary. There are tributes everywhere; we’re even doing a Top 5 Edge Matches/Moments for the Roundtable, hopefully for next week. It’s very surreal. Almost like when Stone Cold Steve Austin was forced to retire. Sure he’s been back since, but he has never wrestled a full match since his final one with The Rock at Wrestlemania XIX eight years ago. I still want to hope that it is all a story line and that he’ll be back, but at this point, I highly, highly doubt it.

Below I’m posting the first two paragraphs of the article from, check out the whole article here:

Living on the Edge: The Career of Adam Copeland

By: Ryan Murphy April 14, 2011
Tags: Edge

Long before he was an 11-time World Champion, before he shocked the world as The Rated-R Superstar, before he pushed the envelope in Tables, Ladders and Chairs Matches, Adam Copeland was just another wide-eyed kid in the Toronto SkyDome, cheering on Hulk Hogan in his battle against The Ultimate Warrior at WrestleMania VI.

The year was 1990 and Copeland was only seventeen. A die-hard WWE fan, he grew up reading comic books, listening to KISS and dreaming of one day making it as a Superstar. His classmates had even voted him “Most Likely to be WWE Champion” in the school yearbook. However, it would have been impossible for him to know then that he would be in the main event of The Show of Shows in 18 years. Even further from his mind was the idea that he would eventually win the World Tag Team Championships with his hero, The Hulkster.

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