The Mother Brain Files: WWE Tough Enough Thoughts

The Mother Brain Files: WWE Tough Enough Thoughts
By Mother Brain
When I first heard about WWE reviving its Tough Enough reality show, I felt the time was right for it to return, especially after the failure of NXT. Unlike the previous incarnation from MTV where the lesser name WWE Superstars were the trainers, the new Tough Enough has Attitude era icons led by Stone Cold Steve Austin, Trish Stratus, and Booker T putting the 14 contestants through the ringer. I was also happy that they also brought back original trainer Bill DeMott since he left such a harsh but memorable impression back in the MTV run.
Although only 3 episodes have aired as of this writing, I’ve already found myself hooked since episode 1. The one obvious change is the format. Where the original MTV version was a bit more reality based with a lot of emphasis on the shenanigans that would go on outside of the competition (and some may argue overexposing the business), the new Tough Enough feels like a cross between The Apprentice, The Surreal Life, and The Contender. I like the training mix of life lesson challenges (specifically the courage test in episode 2 where the contestants get chased by attack dogs) and taking actual bumps in the ring. I also liked the trainers having the contestants work with the in-ring crew at regular WWE events so they can actually appreciate the work of the people on the lower end of the totem pole.
As for the contestants, it’s still a bit early for me to predict who will win. But I doubt that any of the women really stand a chance. Between Ariane’s infamous elimination after telling Stone Cold that her all time favorite match was Melina vs. Alicia Fox and fomer Miss USA Rima wearing the butt pads to take easier bumps, it’s hard for me to imagine any of these girls winning. At the same time (not to be sexist) but what purpose is there to become a WWE Diva now a days when most of the Divas are aspiring model/actresses who can’t work and the ones who do are barely used?

But to be fair, the men haven’t stood out for good reasons either. One would have thought that Mickael with his Maven-like looks had a chance and his on-camera feud with Ryan was pure “entertainment”. But when he cut that disastrous promo during elimination in episode 3, that was it for him. Then there’s Eric, the big black Afro dude who has the look of a WWE Superstar but is completely out of shape. Personally, I’d like to see him take it if he ever gets out of his funk.
Overall, I’m going to keep an eye on Tough Enough until its finale to see who becomes the next WWE Superstar. But the question is will the winner become the next John Morrison or the next Jackie Gayda?

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