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J2, who I’ve worked with in film and have promoted his websites here on the blog in the past has another site up and running with some interesting entries. iDecide Films is “a New York Metro area company that creates interactive mobile movies for Iphone, Ipad, Ipod Touch and Android Smartphones.” But it also has some blog entries of their own. I personally like the one below.

From iDecide Films:


Top 5 Movies That Need A New Ending

IDecide FIlms Worst Endings As a movie company that allows viewers to watch movies their own way with multiple paths, we thought it would be a good idea to see what movies would most benefit from a new ending or two. These movies left audiences wanting more or hoping for an alternate ending in another theater. This article will contain some spoliers for people who have not seen the films mention to be forewarned. This will no doubt be a controversial list, but we feel all of these could have been wrapped up in a better fashion for the movie audiences. These movies in one sense were good for us as it showed that sometimes traditional cinema will definitely not cut it for movie viewers.

1) IDecide Films Worst Movie Endings - Planet of the Apes (2001)Planet of the Apes (2001 Remake) – First of all we question why this classic movie was even remade in the first place? This was almost more disgraceful than the Vince Vaughn Psycho remake. An ape in place of Abraham Lincoln in the memorial ? I think the audience needed a little more than that Tim Burton to be satisfied especially since the ending to the original Planet of the Apes is one of the most memorable in film history. This ending came off as forced and made audiences want to hit the rest button or get a refund.

IDecide Films Worst Movie Endings The Number 23 2) The Number 23– This movie looked very promising for Jim Carrey to stretch his range as an actor into the drama / serious role character. Instead the Number 23 has one of the biggest let down endings in movie history. The story has serious plot holes, the acting leaves much more to be desired and all the setup leads to straight disappointment for the movie watchers. They could have gone the interesting demonic possesion route or the psychological thriller route, but the filmmakers decided to make it that he wrote the book himself! This is such a let down for the audience who through the cinematography, theatrical score, and trailers wanted a supernaturnal/ psychological thriller to the end. Lets just say Jim Carey will probably stick with comedies after the blow ending to this film.

IDecide Films Worst Movie Endings - The Forgotten3) The Forgotten – This movie had good enough star power for an ending like this to never happen. You would think that wither Julianne Moore, Gary Sinise or Dominic West would jump in and say something about the ending to the director! The movie until this point had its highs, but the ending brought the whole film to new lows. So many viewers including ourselves were questioning why random people kept shooting into the sky? Alien experimentation? The ending was a stretch even for a sci-fi movie, which this just unacceptable. It came so forced and with good actors on set, this ending should have been a special feature at most.

IDecide Films Worst Movie Endings - Kingdom of the Crystal Skull4) Indiana Jones: Kingdom of the Crystal Skull – The return of the great Indiana Jones…not so much. I mean surviving a nuclear blast being locked in a refrigerator was bad, but a Mayan Temple becoming a spaceship…absurd! The sci-fi setting screams George Lucas trying to squeeze Star Wars into an Indiana Jones flick for no apparent reason! Why did Lucas and Speilberg allow this script to be shot after such a long wait? I guess they were getting back at the studio for forcing them into making a new Indiana Jones against their wills (We can only hope).

Lord of the Rings Return of the King5) The Lord of the Rings – Return of the King – This was tough to include on my list because the movie otherwise is one of the best ever made, but the ending dragged more than any I think we have ever seen. I mean there three unnecessary endings to this film within one film! One being the hero Frodo going back to Shire to laugh like a little girl, the waving from the dock as our adventurers go into the sunset and seeing Sam go back home to get married it made the viewers get up and down for the last 10 minutes of the film thinking it was over. Why didn’t they just end it with Aragon being crowned king? This would have signed arguably the greatest trilogy off in excellent fashion.

Dishonorable Ending Mentions – Hide and Seek, Secret WIndow, Saving Private Ryan, 2001 Space Odyssey, Star Wars Return of the Jedi

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