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I just discovered the Top Tenz website the other day, at first I thought that the lists would be full of jokes, but they end up being legitimate lists; which I don’t mind. Check this website out, I’m sure there is something for everyone on here. The topics for the lists range from Bizarre to Entertainment to Religion to sport to nature and plenty of other things.

I’ve glanced at a few of the list and I decided to post some of the ones that stood out to me, mostly recent additions, I haven’t had time to wander the site or anything, check them out and look at the site:

Top 10 Reasons Why Robocop Is Awesome


Top 10 MacGuffins

the ring


Top 10 Movies Ruined By Their Franchise



Top 10 Otherwise Promising Movies Ruined by CGI

Jar Jar Binks Top Tenz




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