Director Confirmed For “Die Hard 5”


An update from last month’s posting about “Die Hard 5” in need of a director, word out today is that John Moore (director of the film version of the video game hit, “Max Payne”) will be directing. Never saw “Max Payne”, I may have to check to see if it is on Netflix streaming to see if I trust this guy with directing.

When I heard Chris Nolan was directing “Batman Begins” back in 2005 (or was it 2004) I went out and got “Memento” and I gave him the approval. When I heard Len Wiseman was directing “Die Hard 4” (now known as “Live Free or Die Hard”) I went out and got “Underworld” and “Underworld: Evolution” and after the second one I gave him the approval.

I don’t know this Moore guy, so I’m going to have to review his credentials.

The article is from Dark Horizons:

John Moore Confirmed For “Die Hard 5”

By Garth Franklin Thursday September 1st 2011 10:52AM

John Moore Confirmed For "Die Hard 5"

It’s now confirmed that “Max Payne” director John Moore is set to helm the fifth “Die Hard” feature for 20th Century Fox reports Deadline.

Noam Murro was previously attached to direct but is now committed to “300: Battle of Artemisia” instead. Moore along with Joe Cornish, Justin Lin and Nicolas Winding Refn were all mentioned as potential candidates the other month..

To read the rest go to: Dark Horizons

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