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Biggest movie to come out today on either Blu-ray or DVD is the summer blockbuster Marvel Studios entry: ‘Thor’

Based on the Marvel Comics, ‘Thor’ is about the God of Thunder banished to Earth from the realm of Asgard for causing a war to reignite. On Earth he meets a girl, Jane Foster, soon after a powerful villain from his world is set to invade Earth and he must find what it is to be a true hero.

I was never a fan of Thor during my comic book days. But in all honesty, I was more into the independent comics from Image, Dark Horse and Wildstorm. If I did work my way into Marvel or DC I would limit myself to The Incredible Hulk (when it was written by Peter David–once he left it went down hill. I do remember picking up his SpyBoy comic right before I went away to college) and I even went with Marvel Knight’s version of DareDevil when Kevin Smith was writing for it and obviously anything X-men, before the movies came out) but I wasn’t a huge fan of much else in the Marvel Universe; Thor included. So, naturally when Marvel announced that the movie version would be coming out I had little to no interest in watching it.

However, now that it is out on Blu-ray and DVD, I have complete interest in seeing it, strange how a few months out of the theaters makes this property so much more interesting. I guess also the fact that two of the stars in the movie are Oscar Award winners, Natalie Portman, who plays Jane Foster and Anthony Hopkins plays Odin. Relative newcomer Chris Hemsworth plays the title character of Thor (prior to this movie he play George Kirk–Father of James T. Kirk, in the 2009 ‘Star Trek’ reboot and he had a part in ‘A Perfect Getaway’) as he will in next years super hero team up ‘The Avengers’. The summer pop corn flick is directed by Kenneth Branagh, better known for his many forays in adapting Shakespearean plays into theatrical films.

I’ll be checking ‘Thor’ soon, let me know what your thoughts were. Leave comments and reviews.

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