Tatoonie real?


Just saw that Tatoonie, Luke Skywalkers home planet that orbits two suns in the Star Wars series, has been trending on Yahoo. Which is odd because it is a fictional planet and what could happen to it? So, being who I am, I clicked on it and apparently scientist have found a planet that orbits two suns just like in the movie.

Pretty cool, but oddly timed seeing that tomorrow is the release of the Star Wars: Complete Sage on Blu-ray. I’m just saying. Melissa said it best, “I wonder how much George Lucas paid NASA for this one…”

The Christian Science Monitor has the story on this binary system:

Tatooine for real? Scientists confirm planet orbiting two suns.

Cue the “Star Wars” theme, but look no farther than 200 light-years away in our own galaxy for the first confirmed planet orbiting two suns – in effect, a frigid, oversize Tatooine.

On Thursday, a team of scientists with NASA‘s Kepler planet-hunting mission announced the discovery. Unlike Luke Skywalker‘s mythical home, however, this planet is more like Saturn in mass and makeup – a thick gaseous atmosphere surrounding a rocky core.

The planet’s core has 40 to 60 times the mass of Earth, the Kepler scientists estimate. Temperatures range between an Antarctica-like minus 100 and minus 150 degrees F.

To read the rest of the article go to: The Christian Science Monitor

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