What are other Inevitable Star War Changes that can be done?


Seeing that the entire Star Wars: The Complete Saga was released yesterday on Blu-ray (Christmas 2011 anyone?) UGO had a pretty funny article up on some of the other Inevitable changes that could be done to the already altered Star Wars film universe.

Check them out and let us pray that this doesn’t give Lucas any more ideas… from: UGO

Inevitable Star Wars Changes

Whether improving outdated special effects or updating the narrative to match the prequels, George Lucas has never been shy about tinkering with the original Star Wars trilogy. Here are some inevitable Star Wars changes that Lucas could have made, but didn’t get to for Star Wars’ Blu-ray debut.

By Evan Saathoff


Fat-Head Emperor

There are two distinctive looks for Star Wars’ evil Emperor Palpatine: sinister Original Trilogy Emperor and fat-head Prequel Trilogy Emperor. Guess which one George Lucas prefers.

For the 2004 DVDs, Lucas already started putting Fat-Head Emperor into the original trilogy. As soon as the technology is ready, he’s going to go all the way, completely replacing Ian McDiarmid’s original Return of the Jedi performance with a new, fat-head version. One of the inevitable Star Wars changes the kids will surely love.

To read the rest of these changes, go to: UGO

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