NASA Satellite to hit Earth this week!


Saw this posted by Barstool and decided to do a little bit of research and I got a video (that I will link to below) from The Washington Post that explains the NASA (now dead) satellite that will fall to Earth this week (either tomorrow, Friday or Saturday) was sent up back in 1991. They don’t really know where it will fall, but what they are certain of is that it won’t be falling on Antarctica…an entire continent full of Penguins just heaved a heavy sigh of relief…

The satellite is actually the size of a school bus and they are saying it could hit anywhere from the North Pole to the tip of South America (which if you suck at geography means we are all SCREWED!)…kind of makes for either a Michael Bay or Roland Emmerich movie doesn’t it?

Below is the link to The Washington Post video, let me know your thoughts on this:

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