Clinton Road in New Jersey?


It’s October, and it is the season of scary crap, so go figure that the Yahoo main page would post something about Clinton Road in West Milford, New Jersey. I don’t know if I’ve ever been down this road, but I’m pretty sure I would love too!

Here is the article from

Clinton Road, New Jersey: The most terrifying road in the U.S.

By Joe Dorish | Yahoo! Contributor Network – Tue, Oct 4, 2011

FIRST PERSON | About seven years ago, my cousin Julie and her husband Mark moved back to New Jersey from South Carolina. After months of searching, they found a great house in West Milford, New Jersey. Julie, who I grew up with, called me and asked me to meet them at the house and let them know my opinion.

After checking out a map online, I saw the home was on a street just off Clinton Road north of Route 23. I drove up Green Pond Road, got onto Route 23, and then turned right onto Clinton Road. Almost immediately, I noticed that Clinton Road was different from almost all the roads in New Jersey.

There were no homes along the road and no connecting roads. Clinton Road was very curvy and kept winding around between different bodies of water. At one point, I saw what looked like shack off to the right along a dirt driveway, and later on, I saw an old kiln by the road. But other than that, there was nothing along Clinton Road. Isolation was the word that came to my mind to describe the road.

After reading that article you’re probably a little in different and not believing. Yeah, I’m a little crazy I guess. I would love to go ghost hunting and do things like that. So, this would be no different.

And then I saw this video on youtube from a travel channel special:

Is anyone up for going on Clinton Road this weekend? Let me know!

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