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Scream 4 Review


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As a teenager, then as a college student, I vividly remember the Scream trilogy. While I was never into “scary” movies, I made an exception for this series. Though references to other movies of the same genre were lost on me, I always felt that I knew what was going on; dare I say, what was going to happen next. However, no one knew. Perhaps that’s what made the trilogy so great?

Now years later and much older, I knew I’d be one of the first to see Scream 4. Nearly a decade since Scream 3, I was worried that there wouldn’t be a plot, character development, or much of anything else. I was wrong.

Anyone watching the movie could see it and understand what’s going on without seeing the 3 previous movies—though you wouldn’t understand where the characters are truly coming from or feel what they feel. The movie takes place a decade since the trilogy left off—seeing Neve Campbell’s Sidney releasing a book and on the first stop on her book tour-Woodsboro, the original setting of the series.  In Scream-like fashion, there’s blood, scary movie references, and a lot of running! Nevertheless, it works. I wouldn’t go running to buy the movie, Netflix may be a good option (for those who stuck with it). It entertained me for nearly 2 hours, what more could you ask for from a movie?

I enjoyed the way that Wes Craven and his crew brought in young, relevant talent. Emma Roberts and Hayden Panettiere are talented actors alongside well-established Neve Campbell, David Ariquette, and Courtney Cox.

Do I see Scream 5 on the horizon? I think I do. However, they may be smart to wait another decade. As Sidney, uh Neve Campbell,  says: “You never f**k with the original.”

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