Tobey AKA Joey?


Back in July of 2010 Melissa and I started fostering puppies and the first two that we had were these great two puppies which we called Zoey and Joey (you can view all of the posts that I put up here on the blog here:  Zoey & Joey, Zoey & Joey on Petfinder ,  Cassie, Zoey and Joey,  A Cassie, Zoey and Joey Album,  and Zoey and Joey have been adopted!  ). They were some of the best behaved puppies that we’ve ever had the pleasure of watching.

Zoey and Joey


We also had two other foster dogs a month later, one of which we named Tyson and we would continue to stay not only in contact with Tyson and his new dog parents, but we’ve become really great friends with them. We never knew what had happened to either Zoey or Joey.


By chance, Melissa and I were at the 2011 Noah’s Ark Howl & Hike (highlighted in the Cheerleaders! post from earlier today) and Melissa thought she recognized a dog that was standing not too far away. I went over and spoke with the owner and it was Joey, now named Tobey.


She said that he was everything we said he was. Never had an accident in the house. The little daughter even remembered that we had a rabbit and that he was a very well behaved dog.



It was great seeing Tobey again. He had a very recognizable face and a golden personality. I remember back in 2010 being devastated (I don’t know why) when they were both adopted, I felt like we didn’t get a chance to actually make sure they were going to good homes. But now I’m feeling like at least Tobey has a great life and it was good seeing him again.


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