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After a week of not having Entertainment RANDOMNESS it has RETURNED!

Special thanks to Mother Brain for sending me updates throughout both weeks! Those have been truly helpful!

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Week of October 17th-21st, 2011


From last week:

Steve Jobs, still in the news this week after his passing last week, this time word going around is that Sony is looking to make an upcoming, fully authorized, biography based on Jobs’ life into a movie. While the final film is still in the preliminary stages, no word on who will write the screenplay, direct or even star. To read more on the authorized biography, please go to: Comingsoon

The Wolverine has been coming up recently in the news as the star, Hugh Jackman, wants to push the movie towards an R rating but is extremely concerned about the younger audience that the move would ultimately alienate. Director James Mangold (who took over after Darren Arronosky’s departure earlier this year) has discussed possibly making two movies at once: a PG-13 version along with a much more adult version. No word on if 20th Century Fox is OK with this. All I have to say is that the UnRated version of Live Free or Die Hard is much better than the theatrical version, despite the fact that there isn’t that much more added blood. It isn’t a Die Hard movie without the foul mouth cursing…

Source: MTV News

In Wrestlemania 28 news, we’ll start this week with Wrestling RANDOMNESS, not only is there going to be The Rock vs John Cena as the main event, but who will be going against either the WWE Championship or the World Heavyweight Championship? Word from last week was that the Royal Rumble winner has already been decided upon and it will be a WWE Superstar from Smackdown. Randy Orton’s name has been discussed and it seems like either Orton or Sheamus would be the winners this year. But the kicker in the rumor is that the winner of the Rumble would go on to win either championship prior to Wrestlemania and Daniel Bryan will cash in his Money in the Bank against that winner.

Source: Wrestlezone
From this week:

The Dark Knight Rises rumor of the week seems like it is a whopper of a rumor. It seems as if there will be a 6-minute prologue before Mission: Impossible-Ghost Protocol similar to how there was a prologue to The Dark Knights before Will Smith’s I Am Legend back in 2007. Along with this rumor, it is also thought that a new trailer will be attached to Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows, I for one look forward to seeing this trailer!

Source: Coming Soon

The Punisher is coming back, this time to the small screen. Originating in a 1974 The Amazing Spider-Man comic book, he has been in the Marvel Universe ever since (although he has died many times) and has had three theatrical versions. This incarnation will have former Criminal Minds showrunner Edward Allen Bernero as the person in charge and will follow Frank Castle as an NYPD Detective by day who becomes The Punisher by night righting the wrongs that he can not do legally. I feel as if this turn will simply water down the cold blooded version of The Punisher that we see in the comic books. I for some reason doubt it will find a good following, unless it is put somewhere on cable, like on either AMC (The Walking Dead), Starz (Spartacus) or FX (Nip/Tuck, American Horror Story). Time will tell if this will be good…
Source: Coming Soon

The Lost Symbol, the third Robert Langdon book in the Dan Brown series (along with Angels & Demons and The DaVinci Code–all great reads by the way!) seems to have a new director in Mark Romanek. Director of “One Hour Photo” (which I saw a few years ago, and it had a very chilling Robin Williams in it) and “Never Let Me Go”. The first two film version of the Dan Brown books were directed by Ron Howard, who has opted out of this third film. I don’t think it really needs someone on the level of Ron Howard to direct, but I can sense that Lost Symbol would be a great visual movie that takes place in our nations capital. I would also love to read another Dan Brown book, sooner rather than later…

Source: Dark Horizons

The Walking Dead returned to television last Sunday (Melissa and I watched Dexter first and then Dead–which thinking about it, wouldn’t combining both shows be a great show in itself? A serial killer that kills zombies…oh never mind…) and it was an amazing first episode for the second season. I almost crapped myself multiple times during the first twenty minutes of the hour and a half show. And I guess we weren’t the only ones to have watched. The Walking Dead broke all sorts of records this past Sunday and became the most watched basic cable show of all time. We will be watching again this weekend.

Source: Dark Horizons

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