Fun With Photoshop


I looked through the six plus years of the blog (I’ll be honest, I just did a search for this image) to see if I could find the picture below. This is old. Older than even the blog. This image was done back when I was just a senior in college during our days at FDU (during the 2003-2004 school year). I’m about 95% positive that this image never made it to the blog because for some reason it was just way too big back in the day.

I remember when I worked on this picture it took me a few hours and I stayed up to get it just right. I still feel like there could be a lot done to make this picture better, but now this would take me about ten minutes (if that).

I’ve recently started taking some classes in Web Design at the local county college and the course that I am currently in is a Photoshop class. Let me tell you, this class is blowing me away. Some of the things I feel I’m learning now and that are apart of the new Adobe Photoshop program is amazing. They just keep making it better and better.

Soon, I’ll try and post some things that I’ve worked on, for now,  here is a Cos Classic! Click the pic to view a bigger image:

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