“It Begins” with Chris Jericho: Thoughts!


I have to say, upon seeing it for the first time Tuesday morning (I love to DVR my wrestling shows, I get to fast forward through all the crap and get to the good parts. I did for a split second see Dolph Ziggler holding up the WWE Championship on Monday night and I almost crapped my pants and had to shut it off…only to find out that he hadn’t won it (yet) but I fast forwaded through most of this show just to get to “the return”) I was pretty disappointed…but as the segment (attached below) kept going, I had a feeling that I was being reeled in for a reveal…that never happened…

I felt like while Jericho was basking in the glory of his return, and I really feel like he had a monstrous ovation of a return, the crowd was eating him up; I just didn’t buy it. I felt as if he was going to say “I’m back baby!” just one more time and then turn on everyone and return to his Chris (minus Y2J) Jericho of a persona and call everyone “booger eating degenerates” or something.

And then he just left…

My feeling is, if the rumors are true and Jericho will be facing CM Punk at Wrestlemania 28 for the WWE Championship, then there is no reason for him to start a feud with Punk now. Besides the fact that Punk has Ziggler at the Royal Rumble in a few weeks (on January 29th, the day after my 30th birthday!)  and that has been a pretty good feud. There is no reason to insert Jericho into anything right now.

Aside from the fact that I felt like he needed to say anything, if this all leads to him turning heel, than he has done his job. He has reeled everyone into believing he has returned and is a babyface. I just doubt that it will last that long. Especially on Raw. I can see him turning heel shortly after the Rumble (perhaps he’ll even win the Rumble–something he has never done and he is one of the few guys from the Attitude Era main event level, never to accomplish this, I think Mick Foley is the only other main eventer from the Attitude Era never to do this) or even after Elimination Chamber.

I have a feeling that the WWE is stacking the deck when it comes to this years Wrestlemania, with Rock vs Cena as the main event, that leaves two World Championship matches and The Undertaker match as a quadruple main event card. Also, rumors are flying around that they will bring back the Money in the Bank ladder match for this PPV. That is four must see matches. I was down for Wrestlemania just based on the name, they have me down hook, line and sinker with all the BIG NAMES that are attached to it…Jericho included.

We will have to wait for the ultimate reveal of Jericho’s entire return, but I’m sure it will be huge.

(The Ruthless Roundtable’s 2011 Year End Awards will be up shortly!)

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