American Idol: Week #1 — This…Is Amrican Idol!


American Idol

Week #1

January 25th-26th 2012


Yes, it’s back. Love it or hate it, you know you secretly love it. Now until May our weeks will be filled with music (good or bad has yet to be decided). While preliminary reports show that viewership is down by 5 million on premier night, I’m not necessarily worried. American Idol (AI) is still the number one show on TV most weeks and is leaps and bounds ahead of its competition.


With the new judges still in place and Ryan still steering the ship, it’s safe to say that all is well. However, controversy remains such as: Is this the last season of AI?  Is Ryan leaving? And…will NBC’s ‘The Voice’ steal its thunder?


Honestly, I’m not too worried. After watching the first two shows, nothing much has changed.  Steven Tyler loves the ladies and makes no secret about it; JLO can’t seem to hide her emotions; and Randy is the same old boring record producer who is still around because…wait, I’m not sure.  But, I think we’re all comfortable with that.

What troubles me is that there is more of a focus on the individual contestants during the auditions versus soaking up the fun of ALL the auditions. I miss the days when they intertwined real talent with those who waste our time but make it fun to watch. Now they are showing home videos of contestants on their journey to Idol. Personally, I don’t like to learn about their stories until they are further into the process; true talent should lead the process. True talent is incredibly hard to find-but really easy to identify. You can tell in a few seconds who has what it takes. However, a few misfits who believe they can sing still belong in the process at the beginning.


It’s still too early to tell what’s going to happen and who’s going to win. Let’s remember-a female AI has not been named in many years. Can females dominate this season? They did say last year’s females were better than the males, but that didn’t matter in the end?

I’m ready to see what Season 11 has to bring. It’s hard to keep an old series fresh—but I think AI can do it. They will do it. Somehow.

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