American Idol Week #2 January 25th-26th 2012

EMKtainment presents:

American Idol

Week #2

January 25th-26th 2012


While I am still a fan, I’m a bit worried. This week saw the typical audition process. There were some standouts and the to-be-expected stinkers. However, too many people made it through to Hollywood. At least, that how it appears.


You see, this year they are focusing on the contestants and their journey rather than a one-after-the-other audition wheel. I miss those. So, you see a 2 minute clip of a contestant’s journey, hear them sing, and see them make it through. Most of the time, it’s predictable. More than before. I understand they want to change things up a bit, but come on!


Thursday night’s episode saw Randy and Steven against Jennifer. Finally, a little “trouble” in paradise? Probably not for long. However, it reminded me of the old Paula and Simon arguments that are synonymous with Idol. Hopefully there will be a bit more of this during the remainder of the audition process, which lasts a few more weeks.


By the end of February, we will have our Top 24 and Idol will enter the live shows—where America gets to vote. I’m hoping American Idol will finally have some good talent, someone worthy of the name Idol. I can’t think of anyone worthy of that name since Carrie Underwood. She truly is talented.


Plus, is it more or is Ryan phoning in his host duties? I know he’s not too involved in the audition process, but we see less and less of him. When we think of Idol, we think Ryan.


Anyway, let’s see what next week brings. I really don’t want to comment yet too much on the contestants because it’s too early. However, one thing is  for sure—American Idol needs to deliver. I’m a bit disappointed, but I haven’t given up just yet.

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