American Idol Week #3 February 1st-2nd, 2012

American Idol

Week #3

February 1st-2nd,  2012


I am keeping this one short and to the point.


Remember these two names—they are going far in the competition. I am not ready to call them the two finalists, but they deserve to be in the running as the next American Idol. While I don’t remember their individual stories, their voices stand out to me.


Lauren Gray and Ethan Jones. America, these are the people to beat!


Hollywood week starts next week. This is the part of the competition that separates the singers from the true talents. There is the group competition, the solos, etc. However, you get to see each of the “Idols” in a new light. Before, you saw them for 20 seconds singing a tune and that’s it. Here you see a bit more.


I’m not convinced that Season 11’s talent is better than previous talent. I think this year it’s about showcasing the talent and giving the fans entertainment. After all, isn’t that what we want–To be entertained.


Therefore, I am not saying anymore until Hollywood week is over and the Top 24, 48 (or however they’re doing it this year) is revealed.


I’m hoping for a female winner…to remind me of the talent of Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood. Those two names are synonymous with Idol.


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