Peter Venkman in Ghostbusters 3 could be Recast?


Source: Coming Soon

As has been the case over the last few months, the cast of the potential sequel, Ghostbusters 3, namely Dan Aykroyd,  who has sporadically dropped hints here and there. This one having to do with Bill Murray’s character of Peter Venkman, the main character from the first two movies (and the cartoon series) and how the character might get recast seeing as Murray does not want to or simply does not care to, work another sequel to the franchise.

In my opinion, what could the harm be in doing another Ghostbusters movie? I have personally been waiting since Ghostbusters 2 came out back in 1989, that is a pretty long freaking time to be waiting for a sequel! This would almost be a passing of the torch to a new generation of Ghostbusters and I couldn’t see the Venkman character being in it for that long.

I guess only time will tell with what may happen, but I for one am against a recast.


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