American Idol Week #6 February 22nd-23rd, 2012


American Idol


Week #6


February 22nd-23rd, 2012

Let’s not drag this out, as American Idol did to reveal its Top 24. The bottom line: The remaining 42 contestants remained in Las Vegas, finding themselves at the Wynn Las Vegas’ Le Reve Theatre.


The bottom line: The top 42 sang for their life one last time and the judges would only let 24 through…taking each contestant’s overall journey into consideration.


According to the Randy and Steven, they are looking for “the best of the best of the best” that demonstrate talent, consistency, and have that special “something.” Must be that “x factor” that Simon always referred to, but no one ever seemed to comprehend.


This Top 24, who were revealed one-by-one Wednesday and Thursday night truly demonstrated what Randy and Steven said they were looking for—so much so I am actually looking forward to the live shows.


As the show drew to a close and the top 12 boys and girls were revealed, a twist was announced: The judges wanted a top “13” boys and one of 4 contestants would be asked back—but we won’t know who until Tuesday night.


Next week the top 12 boys will sing on Tuesday and girls on Wednesday, with results on Thursday night. I haven’t decided exactly how I will “blog” about the live shows and results, so bare with me through the process.


As they say, it’s America who gets to vote. Hopefully they give us ‘something to blog about.’

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