The Hunger Games – A Very Disappointed Review


Friend of Cos’ Blog, Pete L. from The PeteCast!, posted a review of blockbuster movie ‘The Hunger Games’ follow the link to read the review and just peruse around his blog/podcast!

Here is a snippet of  the review:

First let me say I think the actors all did an excellent job. Almost without fault they were able to portray what I had in my mind from the author’s descriptions. I also think they did a good job with creating the world and locations, even if most of the movie is simply running around in the woods. But my list of pros stops somewhere right around here and my sad list of cons begins.

Where the movie totally falls apart for me is in two main aspects….


To read the rest, follow the link either in the above poster or here: The Hunger Games – A Very Disappointed Review

Let us know what you think!


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