WWE Facelift


WWE Facelift

By: Justice

The WWE product is slowly but surely starting to get a little better. New stars are debuting, wrestling seems to be pushed towards the forefront and story-lines are actually staring to make some kind of sense again. But, as always, there is room for improvement. Given the opportunity, this is how I would book the WWE as of now.


1) Stop the “supershows” and focus on each show as a separate entity:

This includes making someone else (maybe Eve, maybe a face like Teddy again or to really spark some viewership, Edge or Mick Foley) the General Manager. If the WWE is serious about adding a permanent third hour to RAW, it should act as a proving ground for some middle-of-the-road talent such as Alex Riley, Heath Slater, JTG etc. Now i know that’s what NXT is for, but honestly, who watches that? Give these guys a sink or swim opportunity and if they have nothing to offer, get rid of them and market new talent. This is a golden opportunity to finally judge the talent in some way on a grand stage. Use it.


2) Book Smackdown better:

This is where the GM idea really comes into play. By putting some new authority figure in charge, the dynamic of the show changes. Push guys like Drew McIntyre, the Miz (via the draft special on RAW) Cody Rhodes and Zack Ryder on the show. Also, bring back the Cruiserweight division and hire a few new talents to work with Justin Gabriel, Tyson Kidd, Evan Bourne and Sin Cara. Make it more than the number 2 show and let it be what it can be, an equal show to RAW. If given the talent and the proper booking, it can do just that.


3) Really push the Tag Team Division:

In the attitude era, there were so many good tag teams: the LOD, New Age Outlaws, Edge and Christian, the Hardyz, the Dudleyz, APA and Too Cool to name a few. Now, we have a few, Kofi and Truth, Epico and Primo, Young and O’Neill, Hawkins and Reks, Gabriel and Kidd and the Uso’s. Lets re-ignite the flame that was the tag team division. My suggestion is to add Kassius Ohno and Antonio Cesaro to the mix and really the the teams take off.


4) Push new talent:

Adding some seriousness to Brodus Clay was a great move, but then the Big Show squashed him. New Talent needs big wins over established talent. Brodus could have came out a winner in a loss to the Big Show by giving him a run for his money. Ryback is a beast and I think he could be a major player if booked right and given the opportunity. Damien Sandow is doing a great job as a heel on Smackdown and I think has a bright future ahead of him. Antonio Cesaro has been nothing but impressive and I look forward to seeing his progression. These guys are the future of the WWE and need to be taken care of to be in main events to come.


5) Stables:

I don’t know if this is just me but i enjoy the idea of stables in wrestling. The 4 Horsemen, Evolution, the nWo, DX, Legacy and the Nexus are a few examples of stables that not only worked, but dominated when together. And the booking isn’t hard at all. Stables are fun to watch to see who gets pushed, who impresses more and where the dissension lies. Stables with top talent could lead to big feuds between warring factions and end in huge matches like Survivor Series or even War Games. That would be great to watch.


6) Use other Ideas:

This goes out to Vince McMahon. Your ideas aren’t the only good ones. WCW may have sucked sometimes, but there were great ideas that come from there that kicked ass. Things like a pay per view in October named Halloween Havok, the Triple Cage match and especially War Games. There are great concepts out there that can make the WWE less predictable, so experimenting with them may prove to good results.

There you have it. Feel free to comment or add anything you would do to help or tell my why I’m wrong. Until next time, Justice has been served.


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