Stephen King’s ‘It’ remake split in two?


Source: Dark Horizons

It has been a while since Stephen King’s classic horror story ‘It’ has been brought up around the rumor mill but it seems as if the remake is currently looking to make two movies.

No problem there, seeing that I remember seeing the original movie, which was a mini-series back in the day, when networks (like ABC, NBC, CBS) used to actually make movies and/or mini-series. And ‘It’ took at least two or three nights to tell the entire encyclopedia length book’s story.

For anyone who has ever seen it (and for those of you who have not: SPOILER ALERT) the story, as Dark Horizons put it, is:

The story of a group of teen nerds and outcasts (nicknamed ‘The Losers Club’) in 1958 who encounter ‘It’, a shapeshifting creature which feeds on children and whose favorite form is that of a sadistic clown called Pennywise.

Those same kids grow up and must face Pennywise again as adults. I can see the split in the story coming from where the kids face off against Pennywise and reconvene when they are adults, played by different actors and have to challenge him again.

I think a more updated version of this story would do well, especially if they change (or tweak) the ending slightly.

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