Showtime cancels and renews some shows


Source: Dark Horizons

Showtime, which has been hitting home runs with a good percentage of its original programs, has down some “cleaning” and renewing of some of those shows.

Dexter, my favorite of the shows on Showtime, looks to end its run after its eighth season next year (its seventh is due to start this fall).

The Borgias, which we’ve been watching and have seen the first two seasons, which according to this report was planned for a four season run looks to be doing well and is currently shooting their 3rd season.

Shameless, another favorite of ours, is looked at as having a long future with the pay channel. I for one hope so too.

Continue to the article from Dark Horizons to read about further renewals and/or cancellations of some of Showtimes big hits: Dark Horizons



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