Things in the Office are becoming Extinct from Yahoo!


Things in the Office are becoming Extinct from Yahoo!

Source: Yahoo!

This was an interesting article from Yahoo!, reminded me of an article I read (and I swear I posted on here somewhere but can’t find it) about things children will never know or understand (like cassettes, VHS tapes, etc).

Anyway, this list is interesting, some of them are obvious choices, like Fax machines or even Copiers; honestly, a lot of things are done electronically now and you don’t even need an actual signature anymore (many times you have an electronic signature–which can vary from place to place depending on what is needed). A lot of companies only use electronic modes of information, everything is either on a computer, stored on a database and is probably safer than keeping it stored in a filing cabinet.

Other things are surprising to me like Desktop computer (which I can see if they are all exchanged for laptops but its just strange to me, I feel like a laptop is meant for more recreational activities, like being at home, and I still have the mentality that a laptop cannot be as powerful as a desktop simply based on its size, which is completely wrong.

Another thing that was surprising was the concept of a business card becoming obsolete. Totally mind boggling, but I meet more and more people that don’t actually carry business cards with them. Instead, they forward you to a website instead. In fact, the whole process of having business cards seems to be more of a fad for independent small business owners. Strange.

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