Robocop gets a motorcycle?


Robocop gets a motorcycle?

Source: Daily Mail

Seeing that I was never a fan of this remake anyway, I’m disappointed that they are adding this element to the movie. I get it, the remake should be completely different, but I just feel like the movie studios are simply pillaging great franchises/films to just make a simple buck and not even giving the movies and their legacies a second thought.

Here is Robocop on his motorcycle:

How many of those remakes to classic horror movies have made enough money, and gotten enough audience reaction? I mean, aside from Halloween and Texas Chainsaw Massacre, the rest are almost non-existent. A lot of people would have prefered that the remakes have never been made. They are made not out of a love for the characters and wanting to share these characters with a newer generation, but to simply make money and that usually shows in the content.

To see other shots of Robocop on the motorcycle, please go to: Daily Mail

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