SyFy wants Waterworld?


SyFy wants Waterworld?

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This one had me scratching my head. I mean, I always thought that someone could make a compelling television series out of Waterworld. Honestly I did. I mean, back in the 90’s it probably would have turned out like Baywatch or something cheesy. And I’m not saying that it wouldn’t cost a lot of money to produce. But with the concept of a world filled with water, The Mariner and The Smokers; I can see this being really good, if done properly.

Maybe I’m getting ahead of myself, the article does state that SyFy is actively trying to get the rights to the Waterworld name and it is unknown at this time what they would do with it. I’m hoping for a television series and not a remake as a big screen movie. As the article states, and I’m highly agreeing with them, I can almost see them doing something similar to their Stargate series. Although the Stargate series did begin on Showtime, it came into its own on Sci-Fi/SyFy and spawned numerous spin off series. And I for one think that Waterworld could lend itself to that Stargate or Star Trek type of franchising.

Now, here me out, if SyFy does indeed creates Waterworld series and it takes off, I can see there being a main series that follows The Mariner and how he’s always fending off the Smokers. There doesn’t even have to be anything about a little girl with a tattoo on her back directing them to dry land. It could be action and adventure and I would hope they make it more in vein of Terminator or Buffy where the stories are compelling.

This could lead to multiple series, like Waterworld: Atoll, which could be similar to a Star Trek: Deep Space Nine type of story where the characters are all on one of those floating cities and they have to protect themselves from outside invaders and evil from within. I’ll even go so far as to say they could do a Waterworld: Dry Land (obviously both of these potential titles are terrible, but the concept is there) where, sure maybe The Mariner could eventually find dry land, but ultimately it’ll be like a Star Trek: Voyager where the characters are lost on dry land and have to survive while finding new threats from within the island (and potentially fend off bad guys that just happen upon dry land).

There, I just created a franchise, please hire me. I am ready to work. I will drop everything and help with this.

Thank you.

Also, for music, the original movie had such an amazing sound, I loved the soundtrack, wish I had it actually. But I think the best person right now to come up with great music for this series would be Bear McCreary who did the music on Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (according to Wikipedia, he also did the music for  Battlestar Galactica which I believe was also a SyFy (or Sci-Fi) show)  and is currently doing the music for The Walking Dead.

With all that being said, I really should write up a Retro Review on Waterworld. Can someone please remind me about that.

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